Florida The Sunshine State Social Studies (Florida Edition Grade 3)

Florida The Sunshine State Social Studies (Florida Edition Grade 3)

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Ebook Description

The unique two-part Core/Extend lesson organization makes this Social Studies Student Book flexible, yet comprehensive. Each Core lesson delivers standards-based content, and the Extend lessons provide the opportunity to dig deeper for greater understanding.
Unit 1: Community and Geography
Chapter 1: The Places We Live
Lesson 1: What Is a Community?
Lesson 2: Kinds of Communities
Chapter 2: Our Land and Resources
Lesson 1: Earth’s Land and Water
Lesson 2: Our Country’s Geography
Lesson 3: Communities and Resources
Lesson 4: World Connection: Mexico City
Unit 2: America’s Early Communities
Chapter 3: Old and New Communities
Lesson 1: The Navajo
Lesson 2: The Yurok
Lesson 3: The Cherokee
Lesson 4: The Haudenosaunee
Chapter 4: Communities in History
Lesson 1: Explorers Arrive
Lesson 2: Colonies in America
Lesson 3: Becoming a Country
Lesson 4: World Connection: Canada
Unit 3: People Move from Place to Place
Chapter 5: Newcomers Settle
Lesson 1: Settlers in St. Louis
Lesson 2: Moving West
Chapter 6: People from Many Places
Lesson 1: Coming to America
Lesson 2: World Connection: Brazil
Unit 4: Community Government
Chapter 7: Being an Active Citizen
Lesson 1: Citizens Make a Difference
Lesson 2: Rights and Responsibilities
Chapter 8: Our Government
Lesson 1: Local Government
Lesson 2: State Government
Lesson 3: National Government
Lesson 4: World Connection: Nations Work Together
Unit 5: Making Economic Choices
Chapter 9: Economics Every Day
Lesson 1: Using Money
Lesson 2: Making Choices
Chapter 10: Communities and Trade
Lesson 1: Who Are Producers?
Lesson 2: Making Goods
Lesson 3: World Connection: Trade Around the World
Unit 6: Communities in World History
Chapter 11: Communities Long Ago
Lesson 1: The Earliest Communities
Lesson 2: Mesopotamia
Chapter 12 Ancient Civilizations
Lesson 1: Ancient Egypt
Lesson 2: Ancient India
Lesson 3: Ancient China
Chapter 13 Roots of the Western World
Lesson 1: Ancient Greece
Lesson 2: Ancient Rome
Lesson 3: Middle Ages
Lesson 4: A Changing World
Lesson 5: Connecting to Our World
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